About Us

CH is Chicago's leading artisan spirits producer with an extensive portfolio including the only vodka hand-made from Illinois grain and a variety of core and specialty spirits. Milled, mashed, and fermented from scratch using only the finest ingredients, CH products speak to our core values: sourcing locally, drinkability, high quality, and value. Founded in 2013, the name CH refers to the great city of Chicago and the fundamental compounds in alcohol, Carbon and Hydrogen.

In September 2018, CH purchased Carl Jeppson Company and Jeppson's Malört®.

Through the decades, Jeppson's Malört – a traditional wormwood-based liqueur – has been thought of as rite of passage or a hangover cure. For many Chicagoans, Malört is a drink that has helped define the Chicago bar experience.

CH's 50,000 square-foot distillery sits on 2.5 acres in Chicago's historic Pilsen neighborhood. The distillery includes 75 tons of grain storage, state-of-the-art milling, grain mashing, and fermentation equipment, barrel-storage, and a 50-foot vodka distillation column.