About Us

CH Distillery is a Chicago-based artisan spirits producer with an extensive portfolio including core and specialty spirits. Handmade from organic Illinois grains and using only the finest ingredients,our products speak to our core values: sourcing locally, drinkability, high quality, and value. The name CH refers to the great city of Chicago and the fundamental compounds in alcohol, Carbon and Hydrogen.The 50,000- square foot distillery sits on 2.5 acres complete with three grain silos holding 75 tons of organic Kane County grain, a barrel aging room, and a 50-foot-tall vodka distillation column.

The Pilsen distillery allows CH Distillery to increase production of its flagship organic grain-to-bottle CH Vodka (also the base spirit for 13 other CH products), CH Key Gin and CH London Dry Gin as well as, expand its barrel-aged rum program. It will also support increased production of our specialty liqueur product line including our collaboration with The Dogma Group, which offers uniquely flavored, bartender focused spirits.

CH Distillery is Chicago’s Hometown Vodka.
Distilled with integrity for Chicago and the world.