CH Vodka

40% ABV | 750 ml
Category: Vodka (Certified Organic)

Nose: Vanilla & Pepper

Palate: Delicate Sweetness from our Winter Wheat

Finish: Pepper & Rye

CH London Dry Gin

46% ABV | 750 ml
Category: Gin (British Style)

Nose: Juniper & Pine

Palate: Citrus Peel & Coriander

Finish: Orange Rind

CH Key Gin

42% ABV | 750 ml
Category: Gin (American Style)

Nose: White Pepper forward

Palate: Key Limes, Hint of Juniper

Finish: Lavender

CH Rum

40% ABV | 750 ml
Category: Unaged Rum (Spanish style)

Nose: Salted Butterscotch

Palate: Sugar Cane & Tropical Notes

Finish: Vanilla Bean

CH Aquavit

44% ABV | 750 ml
Category: Aquavit (classic Scandinavian)

Nose: Fresh Dill & Caraway

Palate: Anise

Finish: Slight peppery sweetness

Jeppson’s Malört

35% ABV | 750ml
Category: bitter digestif

Nose: Earth

Palate: Floral Grapefruit

Finish: Bitter Wormwood

CH Bourbon

52.5% ABV | 750 ml
Category: Straight Bourbon (Indiana)

Nose: Brown Sugar & Maple

Palate: Oaky Sweetness

Finish: Vanilla fades to oaky notes

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