CH Peppercorn Vodka

41% ABV | 750 ml
Category: Flavored Vodka

Nose, Palate, Finish: Aromatic Tellicherry Peppercorn

CH Amaro

40% ABV | 750 ml
Category: Amaro (New American Style)

Nose & Palate: Chinchona Bark and Baking Spices

Finish: Bitter Chocolate and Honey

CH Fernet-Dogma

38.4% ABV | 750 ml
Category: Amaro (American Fernet)

Nose: Cocoa & Tobacco Leaves

Palate: Coffee, Chamomile & Lemon

Finish: Spearmint & Slight Bitterness

CH-Dogma Amargo de Chile

32% ABV | 750 ml
Category: Amaro (Latin Style)

Nose: Molé Spice

Palate: Chile Pepper Heat, Cocoa

Finish: Bitter, Sweet, Cinnamon Spice

CH-Dogma Bitter Dog

31% ABV | 750 ml
Category: Amaro (Classic Cocktail Style)

Nose: Rhubarb

Palate: Sweet Wildberry

Finish: Bitter Orange Peel & Grapefruit

CH-Dogma Rubin

34% ABV | 750 ml
Category: Bitter Aperitif

Nose: Grapefruit

Palate: Ruby Red Grapefruit & Berry

Finish: Grapefruit Peel

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